Brandon Dahley’s Life Story Chapter 2

June 1993

Brandon in car seat


“It’s hard to believe you’re already two months old”, were words that frequently came out of my mouth. You started reaching some milestones during this month like sleeping through the night (yes!) and your first “real” smile, that wasn’t caused by gas or a dream, was now part of your daily routine. You had the cutest smile and would melt anyone’s heart with your adorable grin!

Although it was hard for me to leave you, it was now time for mom to go back to work part-time. It definitely made the transition easier knowing that you’d be staying with your grandmas while I was working for the day. Grandma “J” (for Judy) had Tuesdays and Grandma Z (for Zeze) willingly took Thursdays. Even your grandpas were frequently available to lend a hand when needed. In fact, I’ll never forget the first time Papa Dale (your name for Grandpa Dale) watched you alone. He was so proud of himself; he fed and changed you all on his own, even if the diaper was BACKWARDS! I’ve been told that diaper changing was not a skill he had practiced previously but I must say, he mastered it quickly. Although I’ve not experienced this myself yet, it must be true what people say, “If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I would have had them first”. I’m certain there wasn’t a more spoiled, loved, or adoringly cared for baby in town!

At your two month well baby checkup you weighted in at 8lbs. 11 ounces. A nice increase from your birth weight, and you were now 22 inches long. At the time, it was routine at two months to be given the first round of immunizations, so you were given three different ones that day. Although you were not happy about it and made sure everyone in the office knew how upset you were, mom was happy when it was all done and felt guilty and a pain in her heart for making you so upset. In 1993 the vaccines you were given were DPT, Hib, and the oral polio vaccine. Having no idea that your own immune system was compromised and you were currently surviving off the antibodies I had passed on to you during pregnancy, we had no idea that giving you the oral polio vaccine, which was a live vaccine at the time, could actually be life threatening. 

Smiling Brandon

You also went on your first family vacation to Charlevoix, Michigan, where you enjoyed stroller rides around town and your first boat ride on the water.  Being the only grandchild and nephew, everyone was eager to take a turn holding and feeding you and of course we all made a big deal every time we’d get you to smile! You were such a blessing.

Bouncy Seat Brandon