What is SCID?

SCID, also known as Severe Combined Immune Deficiency, is the most severe form of Primary Immune Deficiency

Our Mission

SCID Angels for Life is committed to increasing awareness, providing a safe environment for families to connect, granting family scholarships, promoting research, and providing parent and family education for those affected by Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. SCID Angels believes that through our advocacy and support we can empower every patient to strive for the highest possible quality of life.

Knowledge is Power” 

Weston RAG1 SCID

Why Support Us

By supporting SCID Angels you help make our mission a reality. It enables families to find the emotional and oftentimes the financial support they need to live with a child with a life-threatening illness.

For many families, the emotional toll involved in the treatment of a child with SCID is a lonely and frightening journey. We aim to bring families together to emotionally support one another.

The cost of travel not only to hospitals but also to educational meetings is often too much for a family already stretched beyond its means. The cost of special education, insurance co-pays, or specialty equipment not covered by insurance can be impossible.

We aim to assist as many families as we can with these out of pocket expenses, but we need your help. Your donation today will ensure that families in need are not turned away.

Connect with Community

The SCID Angels Family Support begins with our Facebook Page and a private Facebook Group. We can also be found on Instagram and Twitter. Our Facebook Group was created to give families a safe place to share their questions, concerns, stories and accomplishments with one another. This moderated group is open to SCID patients and their immediate family members. If you are a SCID patient or have a SCID child, connect with us and with our amazing network of families from around the world. You don’t have to face SCID alone.