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SCID Angels FAMILY Scholarship

SCID Angels for Life is happy to offer SCID Family Scholarships to affected families who are currently going through treatment for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. We understand the financial burden […]

Ray Ballard TRAVEL Scholarship

SCID Angels is proud to offer the Ray Ballard Travel Scholarship Program for SCID patients and/or SCID families who are U.S. residents wishing to attend a SCID meeting or event […]

Aisha Chaudhary

Aisha Chaudhary EDUCATIONAL Scholarship Program

SCID, Angels for Life Foundation is pleased to announce the Aisha Chaudhary SCID Scholarship fund for undergraduate students, graduate students or those attending a trade school in the US who are diagnosed with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency […]

SCID Angels Travel Scholarship Applicaiton

Travel Scholarship for IDF 2024 PI Conference

SCID Angels For Life Foundation is offering a limited number of Travel Scholarships to assist SCID families who wish to attend the Immune Deficiency Foundation’s REELTALK about primary immunodeficiency conference […]

· Your Donations Matter ·

For the academic year beginning in the fall of 2023, SCID Angels was pleased to award 1 Educational Scholarship to a student attending an institution of higher learning.

· Meet Our Educational Scholarship Recipients ·


Bryce Powerman

Bryce is working towards his Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of Business 

“I’m thrilled to be attending Berkeley to continue my education in business management and hope to develop skills that will allow me to further impact the field of genetics and therapies. Over the next year, I aim to continue learning about developments in the field of gene therapy and how that may impact primary immunodeficiencies.”



Brenna Carpenter

Brenna Carpenter

Brenna is attending Lone Star College Tomball. Her field of study is lifePATH – Occupational & Life SKills Associate Degree (OLSA).

“Talking more clearly with people, reading, and managing money are skills that I hope to acquire while getting this degree at Lonestar College. I plan to use this degree in the future to help kids in children’s hopsitals with tallking to other people and help them feel more comfortable.”

Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith

Zachary is attending Florida Gulf Coast University. His field of study is Clinical Laboratory Science with a minor in Bassoon Performance.

“After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I plan to eventually pursue a master’s degree in music and potentially clinical lab science. One musical event that I really enjoyed is playing in the pit orchestra for a musical, however, to work in this business, most orchestras require a master’s degree due to how incredibly tough the music is and how exact it has to be played.”


Parker Sipprell

Parker Sipprell

Parker is attending West Chester University as a microbiology major. 

“I am really excited to attend West Chester University this fall as a microbiology major. Eventually I hope to specialize in mycology as I can develop sustainable uses for fungi. Mycology is a diverse and rapidly growing field. There are many applications for environmentally friendly uses of fungi which include everything from biofuels to medicine. This is important because we will have to face numerous environmental challenges in the future.” 

· The Impact for Families ·

In 2022 SCID Angels For Life provided 25 families with scholarships to help them get through difficult hospitalizations, treatments and life events. Here are just a few examples of Family Scholarship Recipients:

A SCID family who needed assistance with funeral expenses for their SCID child.

A SCID family who needed the funds to have the sibling of their SCID child travel to the hospital and stay close by in order to be a bone marrow donor.

Travel expenses for a SCID family to travel from Puerto Rico to New York for a clinical trial. 

These are just a few of the stories we hear on a daily basis from families with a SCID child. This is why we need your help, so that no family is turned away in a time of need.

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