Ray Ballard TRAVEL Scholarship

SCID Angels is proud to offer the Ray Ballard Travel Scholarship Program for SCID patients and/or SCID families who are U.S. residents wishing to attend a SCID meeting or event in the U.S. or who need to travel to a medical treatment long-term treatment follow-up appointment within the U.S. the costs for which are not covered by a clinical trial or insurance.

Ray was 25 years old when he lost his courageous battle in 2019 to Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. Those who had the honor of meeting Ray know that he was made of hope, inspiration, resiliency and an unforgettable strength. SCID provided many challenges for Ray, especially during his last three years, but he never let that stop him from truly living.

This scholarship may provide SCID patients and families assistance with their travel to/from a meeting or event where educational information regarding SCID will be presented. Some of our fondest memories of Ray are from previous SCID conferences or IDF meetings, which he frequently attended, and where he’d be known to dance the night away.  

Additionally, this scholarship may provide assistance to SCID patients and families who need to travel for a long-term medical treatment follow-up appointment, the costs for which are not covered by a clinical trial or insurance. This scholarship is not intended for frequent follow up visits such as those for IgG infusions.


Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the Ray Ballard SCID Travel Scholarship Fund may do so now by clicking the Donate button below or by writing a check payable to SCID, Angels for Life Foundation and mailing their contribution to:

Ray Ballard Travel Scholarship Fund
C/O SCID Angels for Life Foundation
2424 Heritage Lakes Court
Lakeland, FL 33803

Those interested in applying for a Ray Ballard Travel Scholarship are asked to complete the application below.  Please allow up to 4 weeks to hear about all funding requests and please know that all requests are for travel within the United States and are for U.S. citizens only.  Please email any questions to Heather@SCIDAngelsforlife.com.

Scholarship FAQs

Who may apply?

  • Applicants must have a verified SCID diagnosis, or a child with a SCID diagnosis, and may be asked to provide proof of diagnosis
  • Applicants must reside in the United States
  • Applicants must not have other funding sources for the same travel costs such as a clinical trial subsidy, insurance coverage, or another scholarship

What type of events may I attend?

  • You may apply to attend an educational event such as a SCID Conference or Patient Conference where educational information regarding SCID will be presented
  • You may apply to travel to a long-term medical treatment follow up appointment for SCID treatment

Ray Ballard Travel Scholarship Application

First Name:
Last Name
Name of patient.
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Are you planning to attend an event or do you need to travel for a medical follow-up appointment? I want to attend an event
I need to travel to a medical appointment
What form of SCID do you or your child have?
How many people (including yourself) will be traveling?
First and last names of ALL immediate family members (including yourself) who are requesting airfare or travel assistance?
Have you, or anyone in your immediate household, received a prior scholarship or other financial assistance from SCID Angels for Life? Yes
I don't know
If you answered YES to receiving financial assistance from SCID Angels, please state the type of assistance you received? (click all that apply) Family Scholarship
Travel Scholarship
Educational Scholarship
If you selected other assistance, please specify.
If you are traveling to an event, what is the name of the event? If you are traveling for medical follow-up what is the name of the physician and facility where you will be seen?
What is the date(s) of this event, meeting, or appointment?
Have you applied for, or do you qualify for any other scholarship, insurance reimbursement, clinical trial assistance or any other assistance related to this event or appointment? Yes
If you answered YES to another source of funding, please tell us what other funding source may be available to you.
If you answered YES to another source of funding, do you know the status of that application? Please explain.
How do you plan to travel (by plane, car, bus or train)?
What type of Travel scholarship are you requesting from SCID Angels at this time? Airfare
Mileage reimbursement
Lodging (Lodging is only applicable if you're traveling to a medical follow-up appointment)
If you plan to travel by car, what is the estimated total mileage roundtrip?
If this is for a medical follow-up appointment, what is this a follow up to? (What type of treatment) Approximately, when did this treatment take place or begin? Please describe in as much detail as possible and indicate if this was a clinical trial.
Additional comments or other information that you consider important:
Please use this space to briefly describe your financial need and the benefit you hope to derive from attending this meeting or event?

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for processing.

The maximum value of a TRAVEL scholarship is $1,000/family and can only be used to purchase travel to/from the meeting or event that is listed on this application. 

This scholarship is for Travel only, all other expenses are the responsibility of the applicant.

If the airline tickets you purchase are over $1,000, you are responsible for the remaining balance.



You are responsible for booking your own travel.

Once you’ve emailed a copy of your paid transportation receipt to SCID Angels a check will be sent to the purchaser for the total amount, not to exceed $1,000.

Again, you must book and purchase your travel before you will receive any reimbursement from SCID Angels. 

If you do not purchase your transportation and email a copy of your paid receipt to Heather@SCIDAngelsforlife.com within 4 weeks of receiving your scholarship approval, the scholarship is automatically voided and has no cash value. 

Email receipts to Heather@SCIDAngelsforlife.com or fax to 863-647-9537.

By checking here, I acknowledge I've read and understand the above terms. I understand