SCID Angels Presents: Connect In The Cloud

SCID Angels has built a community that understands and supports one another. I especially appreciated the live chats during the periods of isolation of 2020 due to COVID. Even as a “veteran parent” SCID Angel’s creating those opportunities to connect, and never ceasing to provide support, and advocacy for all families at all stages of their SCID journey was and is invaluable.
Amy, SCID Mom

Connect in the Cloud is a live interactive support workshop designed for emotional and practical support for SCID patients or their families. Hosted monthly by SCID Angels and supported by a charitable grant from Chiesi Global Rare Diseases, Connect in the Cloud is conducted by Peer Counselor Morgan McNaughton.

Morgan, a SCID parent with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a background in directing both psychology and educational mentorship programs, brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussions. Her expertise has proven invaluable in adeptly guiding participants through a diverse range of topics, addressing challenges that SCID families often find difficult to discuss in alternative settings. 

Our virtual support group serves as a secure space for tackling a spectrum of issues, ranging from the initial “Shock of Diagnosis” to equipping parents with valuable insights on “How to teach your child to be his or her own advocate.” The sessions foster a supportive environment. Participants are encouraged to openly discuss and navigate the distinctive challenges encountered by SCID families.

It’s important to note that Connect in the Cloud is offered at no charge to participants, underlining our commitment to making this valuable resource accessible to all in the SCID community.

Upcoming Event Dates for 2024:

April 27th 7 pm EDT
May 15th 2 pm EDT
June 26th 7 pm EDT
July 17th 2 pm EDT
August 21st 7 pm EDT

There is no charge to attend, but advance registration through Eventbrite is required. 

See our Eventbrite page to register and Follow us on Facebook to see announcements regarding registration and topics. 

Connect in the Cloud is a SCID Angels Production supported by a charitable grant from Chiesi Global Rare Diseases. Chiesi Global Rare Diseases

Connect In The Cloud