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Jakob and his parents

A new day has come!

When Jakob got diagnosed our hearts broke in so many pieces. We thought we would never recover when we learned we might lose him at age 2.

Seersha with Dr. Don Kohn

Can you set the price on a child’s life?

When Seersha was born an investigational gene therapy, a one-time procedure that the researchers say may provide lifelong results was only available in the United States through a waitlist at The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Seersha, ADA SCID, (middle) with her two older siblings, Skylar (left) and Stephen (right).

She’s just so joyful

This month we talked with Shayla, the mother of Seersha. Shayla and her family were forced to put their lives on hold as they waited

Be a Community Fundraiser

Be a Community Fundraiser

We are so grateful to all our community members who have shown their willingness to “Pay it Forward”.