Brandon Dahley’s Life Story Final Chapter

Brandon happy baby

At 12 noon on December 14, 1993, Brandon Michael Dahley took his last breath and joined the angels in heaven.  His dad and I said our final goodbyes while our minister said a prayer and I held him in my arms for the very last time. After packing up his belongings we walked down the hallway and into the elevators at Mott’s Children’s Hospital for the very last time.  Much like upon our arrival, we did this alone, grief-stricken and with heavy hearts.

Brandon's hand and foot print

Brandon’s final hand and footprints were graciously taken and given to us as a keepsake.   These tiny fingers and toes have left their mark, and will continue to leave a mark, on the world for decades to come. He’s forever in our hearts.

His Journey’s Just Begun:  by Ellen Brenneman

Don’t think of him as gone away–

his journey’s just begun;

life holds so many facets–

this earth is only one.

Just think of him as resting

from the sorrows and the tears

in a place of warmth and comfort

where there are no days and years.

Think how he must be wishing

that we could know, today,

how nothing but our sadness

can really pass away.

And think of him as living

In the hearts of those he touched…

for nothing loved is ever lost–

and he was loved so much.

Brandon M. Dahley May 14 - Dec 14 1993