Travel Scholarship for IDF 2024 PI Conference

SCID Angels Travel Scholarship Applicaiton

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SCID Angels For Life Foundation is offering a limited number of Travel Scholarships to assist SCID families residing in the US, who wish to attend the Immune Deficiency Foundation’s REELTALK about primary immunodeficiency conference being held in Chicago, IL from June 20th to 22nd, 2024. The scholarships will be limited to $500 per family. Interested applicants must first register for the conference here. After registering for the conference you may come back here and apply for a Travel Scholarship. We recommend that those who need additional funding to attend also apply for a scholarship from IDF when they register. 

Please note, that the 2024 REELTALK conference will be in a new format from the previous IDF Patient and Family Conferences.

  1. There will be no childcare program; therefore we are not offering a childcare scholarship. Those who choose to travel to the conference with children too young to sit in the sessions will need to make their own arrangements for the care and entertainment of their children while they attend the educational sessions.
  2. Due to the extreme limitations on time and space for this conference, there will be two 45-minute disease-specific sessions offered for SCID. Other sessions will include topics under the headings of General Health & PI, Lifestyle & Wellness, Scientific, and Young Adult. 

To apply for the SCID Angels for Life Foundation Travel Scholarship, please complete the application below before the deadline of May 20th. The total number of scholarships is very limited and there is no guarantee that applications will be funded. This application may close at any time prior to the deadline if all scholarships have been granted. Approved scholarships will be funded directly to a Venmo or PayPal account which must be in the applicant’s name. If you do not already have a Venmo or PayPal account, apply for a free account BEFORE submitting your application. 

Travel Scholarship Application

All TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIP applicants must pre-register with IDF and agree to attend all SCID/CID conference symposiums.

The deadline for TRAVEL scholarship applications is May 20, 2024.  SCID Angels will contact all scholarship applicants regarding their award status no later than June 1, 2024.

The total number of scholarships are limited and the application for scholarships may close at any time prior to the stated deadline.

The maximum value of a scholarship is $500 per family (not per individual) and can only be used to purchase travel to/from the conference.

Have you registered for the IDF PI Conference in Chicago? Yes
First Name:
Last Name
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Full name of SCID patient(s)
What form of SCID does the SCID patient have? (XSCID, ADA, unknown, etc.)
Have you or anyone in your immediate family received a travel scholarship from SCID Angels to attend an IDF National Conference in the past? Yes
How do you plan to travel (by plane, train, or car)?
How many people (including yourself) will be attending conference?
First and last names of ALL immediate family members (including yourself) who are requesting travel assistance?
Have you already applied for a conference scholarship from IDF? Yes
If so, do you know the status of that application? Yes
Didn't apply
If you know the status of that application, was it approved or denied?
If you plan to travel by car, what is the estimated total mileage roundtrip?

Reimbursement for car travel will be calculated at the standard rate approved by the US Governement for mileage reimbursement and will not exceeed $500

Approved scholarships will be funded via Paypal or Venmo. Please indicate which service you use and provide the username or account name. The account must be in the applicant’s name. If you do not have an account, you will need to open a free account before we can process your scholarship.

If approved, my scholarship should be sent via: Paypal
What is the username or account name associated with the PayPal or Venmo account:
What is the phone number associated with the PayPal or Venmo account:
Please use this space to briefly describe your financial need and the benefit you hope to derive from attending the conference.
Additional comments or other information that you consider important:

You may apply for the scholarship before purchasing tickets, but you must book and purchase your travel before you will be eligible to receive any reimbursement from SCID Angels.

If your application is approved for train or airfare, you must email a copy of your paid receipt to Heather no later than June 1st. Email to

If the travel tickets you purchase exceed a cost of $500, you are responsible for the remaining balance.

Tickets for travel must be purchased by the applicant, which must be the same name as the Venmo or PayPal account.

Failure to purchase your tickets AND email a copy of your receipt by the deadline of June 1st WILL result in forfeiture of your scholarship. 

Email receipts to

**Please note, registration and hotel costs are not included in the travel scholarship mentioned above.

By checking here, I acknowledge I've read and understand all of the above terms. I have read and acknowledge all of the above terms.