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SCID Angels is family to me – family who understand, support, and cheer us on through the good and bad moments of this journey.
From Sy, a SCID Mom

Facebook Page

SCID Angels maintains both a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. The Facebook Page is a great place to watch for announcements and information related to all SCID topics. Learn about events, webinars, new research and other important updates. From our Facebook Page you can private message directly with us. Anyone may follow the SCID Angels Facebook Page and everyone with an interest in SCID is encouraged to Like our page and do so. 


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Facebook Group

When you have a child with a rare disorder it can be very hard to find a group of people who understand what you deal with day to day. The private SCID Angels Facebook group is a moderated group where those with a diagnosed family member can come to share their experiences, ask questions, learn from each other, and develop friendships. The SCID Angels' Board, volunteers, and Staff make every effort to maintain quality content and safe interactions within the group. The peer-to-peer support found within this group is unmatched and directly affects the lives of families. Our group serves patients and families from around the world. 

Those who request admittance to the group will be asked a number of questions prior to approval. Answers to those questions are required for admittance. 


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