Brandon’s Story

Brandon Dahley’s Life Story Chapter 4

Brandon, at four months old your personality is really starting to show! This month you really began filling out and made big strides in both your height and weight. You’re a great sleeper, easy going, and content with pretty much anyone who wants to hold you.

Brandon at 3 months

Brandon Dahley’s Life Story Chapter 3

Summertime with you was full of new experiences. Like swimming, which you weren’t too crazy about, and plenty of softball games. Your dad played in a summer league, so you spent multiple nights a week watching, at least for part of the game, and cheering him on. You were by far the best dressed at the ballfield, outfitted in your very own team uniform. Everyone knew you were rooting for Coppens Brigade (your Dad's team) of course!

Brandon in car seat

Brandon Dahley’s Life Story Chapter 2

June 1993 Brandon “It’s hard to believe you’re already two months old”, were words that frequently came out of my mouth. You started reaching some milestones during this month like sleeping through the night (yes!) and your first “real” smile, that wasn’t caused by gas or a dream, was now part of your daily routine.

Brandon Newborn

Brandon Dahley’s Life Story Chapter 1

May 1993 Brandon Michael Dahley, You were two weeks over due and no one was more excited for your arrival than your mom and dad! On Friday, May 14, 1993 mom woke up not feeling well and had an OBGYN appointment already scheduled that day for a stress test. During that appointment we were told to head to hospital to be induced into labor, it was finally time for your arrival.